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09:00am - 12:00 noon

Show Name

Bindas Morning

Favourite movie : Ramleela

I'm currently reading : The Secrets

Fav song : Apni to sidhi boli ya pyar ya phir goli...by Manj music, else it depends on my moods

Mantra in life : Love your work

Fav Gateway : I love hill stations,

Personality type : crazy, Stronger, Simple, Happy and dedicated for my work,

RJ-ing style : Funky, Same as the personality type...

Fav Color : Blue

Passions : My Job

Sports : Football & vollyball,

Fav food : Veg, anything of my test

Fav actor : Salman Khan

Music for me : Healthy syrup which gives me energy

Fav Stress Busters : Music, Writing, Hangout...

Fav moments : when someone appreciate me for my work

I love : Loyal Peoples

I hate : Fake persons