Talent show by Radio Popcorn at RKDF-II campus

Bhopal, Oct 8: Radio Popcorn 90.4 FM organized a talent search event for students at RKDF-II campus. The response was enthusiastic and all had come well – prepared to display their talents in various fields. Radio Jockeys including Sakshi, Mansi, Naini and Swapnil, in colourful T-shirts, left no stone unturned in making the programme a success.
There was individual and group performance. The students displayed their talents in dance, singing, poetry recitation, mimicry etc.
Radio Station head, Mritunjay Singhai was specially present and regaled the audience with his pep talks and a lecture on honing the skills. He highlighted the importance of extra-curricular activities along with studies. The function was also graced by Director, Amarjeet Singh and senior journalist Rakesh Dubey. They appreciated the programmes and blessed the students for their success in studies.