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Radio Popcorn Presents by- (RKDF Group of Institutions)

Launched On- 14th February 2008 and was set up by RKDF Institute of Science and Technology in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Radio Popcorn 90.4fm is the first Campus Radio in state of Madhya Pradesh. The CRS broadcasts for 10 hours every day and primarily focuses on providing information about educational opportunities and career guidance. Have you ever seen how popcorn is made? Each corn pops up bulging in size, same way the young mind is bubbling with energy and this Campus Radio gives a vent for this energy.

Mission and Vision "The vision is to provide a medium of communication by giving voice to the community. The focus is on communities living within the transmission zone of the radio station. It reaches out to every section of the society with special efforts focussed towards communities that are marginalised to ensure that the less privileged sections of the community also find a voice through the radio".

RKDF Institutes aim to develop multi talented students along with faculties and local communities by spreading valuable information and knowledge through powerful, easy and affordable modes of communication. The Community Radio Station was established in the campus in order to benefit students and local people.

The way maize grain has potential of popping up when given heat, Community if given a voice bubbles like popcorn. It is this energy we need from the community through our Community Radio initiative. Let us ignite the souls of the community by lending them a voice.
Good Ambience: We have a good ambience and there is ample space. We have a canteen, stores, rooms for Station Head and the whole office is well furnished. The floor in office has vinyl flooring to minimize dust. The Studios have carpets and sound proofing is done with panels, perforated gypsum sheets.
Some Programs themes are:
Interviews on various Health issues like Health tips in rainy season, Tips for healthy , Interaction with veterans of community, interaction with NGO's in the community, issues like skill development , AIDS, Environment.
We have done several events with NGO's on issues like AIDS Awareness, Cycling for Pollution Control and protecting Environment, Talent hunt in schools and colleges in close proximity of the Campus,
Initiate activities involving NGO's , Community Radio, for the following:
Women Empowerment
Drop out girl child
Self employment skills
Alcoholism among men folk and follow-up
Education Modules for school level
Modules on Health Awareness

Work with resource convergence approach to exchange experience & expertise among community radio stations. For making Community Radio a success lot of field work is required and support for field work from agencies like DST would help to form groups who can not only create good content but also ensure that listener-ship increases and the desired impact is achieved.

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